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The concept for The Bold & Beautiful Women Circle (BBWC) was founded in 2014 by Bianca Rose while studying abroad in Seville, Spain. A then twenty-one year old woman looking to experience the world around her, time spent away from her home environment in Boston allowed her to personally reflect upon a few broken personal relationships, leading her to believe that connecting with other women through service was a overlooked tool for both self-growth and unity. She later created The Bold & Beautiful Women Circle shortly after returning home.


Our team consists of a unique group of women with very busy lives, but with very big hearts, dedicating their free time to volunteer as managers and leaders in the community. These women provide a different variety of leadership skills that make up the success of this organization and the example we want to set for the world as women that can take charge of their community.


Over the years we've been recognized in the Bay State Banner for one of our Play & Parley Nights with member and stylist Lyndsey Harper! In August of 2019, State Rep Liz Miranda awarded us with a citation from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in recognition of our dedication to increasing the level of community engagement of women in Boston through service, wellness, creativity and leadership! Member, Lyndsey Harper, also received an award for her commitment to community service with Next Level's 4th Annual Dribble Peace Walk!


Do you believe we can create a modern-day superwomen league by 2050?