Thank you to the above entities for assisting in making our mission happen.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

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Members come together to share in a supportive, open, and free environment to discuss topics that help us evolve!

1) Social Interaction

Refreshments and introductions

2) Structured Topics

Ranging from leadership, relationships, community, to encourage divinity and evolution. 


Complimentary drink and small bites are included for both members and guests!

liberating literature

book club

The Bold & Beautiful Women Circle facilitates book club discussions that are collectively chosen with the community.

We read literature that provokes our thoughts, actions, and communications holistically. Discussions connect the literature to everyday choices and experiences so that all can be involved.This increases fruitful engagement, interdependent responsibility and awareness.

Discussing "Tuesdays With Morrie" 

Haven't read the book? 

It's ok! Bring a friend and Join us in our discussion anyways!

Not in town? 

Join our online discussion group here!

Bring a treat to share!

Light refreshments will be provided by the circle


The Circle hosts soirees every year for members and invited guests to discuss and acknowledge the improvements of our community as well as share current and future initiatives.


1. Networking, introductions, and food


2. Keynote speaker

Awards and recognitions


3. Bubble offering

Reflect, declare, and commit to your aspirations


4. Dance, socialize, be free! 

bbwc, empowerment, women empowerment, bold & beautiful women circle
bbwc, empowerment, women empowerment, bold & beautiful women circle
bbwc, empowerment, women empowerment, bold & beautiful women circle